ShatteredPreq Update.png

My tall dark hero died. 

Some say it was his gift that took him away; others say The Institution got to him.  But either way, my destiny didn’t die with him.


I’m Amanda.  My gift is to read the memories of the living and communicate with the dead.  To The Institution, I’m a clairaudient.  That makes me high on their list of gifteds who need to be normalized.


The Institution is hunting down every gifted person they can find to… fix them.  Its mission ripped families apart and had claimed one of the most powerful gifteds I’d ever known, the matriarch of my family.   Now there was just me; a pregnant girl, whose closest remaining family was the ragtag group of gifteds formerly taught by her Grandmother.


“Stay under The Institution’s radar,” was the first rule we all learned.  And now I had a target on my back.


But the bounty on my head is much deeper than that.  I’m being hunted by The Institution under the orders one of its founders, my mother. 


And I’m not sure if it matters if I’m dead or alive.



Sixteen years ago today my life was turned upside down, and I haven't had a dull moment since. My mother was taken away from me. She was forcefully admitted to The Institution of Righteousness by her own mother, my grandmother, Edna Mae Packard. Since I was born, they have been relentlessly hunting me. But today, as a birthday gift to myself, I have decided that it's time for the hunter to become the hunted. And I won't stop until my mother and our community are forever free from their clutches and traditions. And I'm gonna walk a mile in their shoes to accomplish it.