No new words, and I figured out why.

Over the past week my husband has been diligently breaking down my old office furniture and assembling the new.  And while I was very excited about getting new furniture, and rearranging things, it meant a lot of work.  We had to pull out files, papers and everything that had found its way into nooks and crannies that rendered them out of sight and mind.

And after the old was out and the new was in, I knew that I also needed to get rid of a lot of junk.  So I began the task of sorting, filing and shredding.  And in the process I realized that I had a very nasty writing habit.  So here goes…

Hi, I’m Tesa, and I repeatedly print WIPs and obsess over if they are good enough (but never finish them).

Now the not so smurfy part of this is I spent a lot of time shredding piles of my words and kicking myself about the ugly part of my process.  But the encouraging part is I have a number of story ideas that just need positive energy and attention. 

And now that I have identified this time sucker, I feel better about not falling into the same habit that has kept me from writing new words on a daily basis. 

Have you identified a time sucker that is hindering your process?  I’d love to hear about it.  Feel free to share it in the comments.