My 2016 "To-Do" List

While I don't do "New Year Resolutions" (nothing against those who do), I am a HUGE fan of the "To-Do" list.

This approach just works better for me and it keeps my analytical side busy even on a creative project.  Not to mention that there is no greater joy than marking off items as COMPLETED! .

So with that in mind, here is my list for 2016.

Fiction To Do
Complete The Gift Chronicles (including 3 novels & 3 -5 shorts)
Complete Asunder Series ( 2 -3 novels)
12 short stories ( not related to novels)
Begin Dark Princess re-write
Work on stand-alone novel that's already outlined
Enter short fiction contests

Non Fiction To Do
Outline DTL book idea
Expand outline for 10 things business book
Build/launch site/blog for non fiction ventures
Start a business blog series

TWC blog To Do
Consistently post 3 times a week
Consistently send out newsletter summary of posts
Pre-plan monthly giveaways and email list building activities

Guest post wish list/goals
Business post on The Mogul Mom
Business post on Entrepreneur on Fire
Business post on Management Consulted
Writing/publishing post on Writers Digest
Writing/publishing post on Funds for Writers
Writing/publishing post on Creativindie
Writing/publishing post on The Creative Penn

Offline To Do
Redesign office set-up
Attend 2 fiction focused conferences
attend 2 business conferences

I know it seems like a lot, but I figure if I can get half of these done I can count the year a #WIN.  And maybe some of you can help hold me accountable throughout the year.

So what are your goals for the year?  Please share int he comments, I would love to help you stay on track. ;-D