How to Start Freelancing

I love weaving the stories in my head.  I get lost in the dialog, scenery, plots and just introducing the characters to a new world of readers.  But I have often wondered how I could use my writing in a more immediate way to garner income. Enter "freelancing".

Freelancing is not a new concept, in fact the Internet has made it much easier to become a freelancer regardless of your area of expertise or level of experience.  All you need is a website and a way to drive potential clients to it.  At least that's what most resources say.

But there is more to it than that.  Do you use job board, network offline, or find a company that outsources projects and hope they need a lot o help? I really just depends.  Every situation, skill set and desired outcome is different.

Since I had so many questions before delving into the "Art of Freelancing" (oooh, that sounds like a great title), I started doing my homework.  And in the process, I came across some great information for beginners at  Working Writer Happy Writer.

I am not quit half way through the introductory course package and feel more confident about making my freelancing dreams a reality.  If you are interested in freelance writing, check them out at .