From short story to novel...I think

The feeling you get when you finish a story is indescribable.  It means you set out to do something AND did it.  But in the world of writing sometimes the end in a story does not mean the end for the writer.

From editing to rewrites to correct plot holes and tie the story threads together, The end is often just the beginning which can sometimes be sad and frustrating to a writer.

At the moment, I find myself in a different position.   I finished, what initially was supposed to be a short story, early in 2014.  I had it edited, created a cover, sent ARCs off for review and ultimately hit publish on it.  all of which meant that I should be moving on to the next project.  But here I am in the first days of 2015 still wrestling with the ideas (more like nagging unction) to expand the short story into a novel.

I've reached out to bestselling authors who have published hundred of times over asking how I will know if I need to expand the story or if I would be just beating a dead horse.  And while the advise was clear and relevant, I still don't know which way to go with the story.

I posted the first 5 parts of the short story on Wattpad hoping for some feedback (negative or positive) on hats already been written.  But even with a little over 500 reads, I have only gotten 3 comments as feedback.  And while they were positive, I am still not sure what my next step it.

I would love for you to take a look at the short story excerpts and share your thoughts either here or at wattpad.