Can't get a word in edgewise.

It never fails, as soon as I sit down to work on a WIP - I am immediately flooded with ideas from/for other projects.  And while inspiration is great (writing really sucks without it) it can be distracting and ultimately lead to a total lack of progress across the board.  This either leaves me face down on my desk with sticky notes and crumpled notes scattered everywhere taunting me as I wonder what went wrong or locked into a one woman Angry Birds marathon (my distraction of choice).

Sadly this has been my story for the past few months. Then right before Christmas, an wonderful thing happened (the best gift ever for me).  And it changed my approach to getting the stories in my head on paper (or laptop screen).

I closed myself off in my office, opened up a spreadsheet, listed Chapter 1- 40, and begin to pour out the plots, dialogue, settings and anything else that came to mind.  During this process I was able to completely purge all relevant (and what may later be deemed as irrelevant) information specific to the world and the characters in the story.

Before I knew it I had "outlined" 50 chapters, fleshed out 21 character/back story sketches and was well on my way into world building.  I didn't feel stressed or worried about the story order or chapter titles (especially since non of it was set in stone).  And when I was done, I had roughly 10,200 words in place to help me wade through the story telling part.

I felt so relived when I was done, that I actually got a good nights sleep instead of  tossing, turning and kicking myself for not writing more.  And while I'm sure this sounds simple and not like much of a breakthrough, I can be honest and say that I have struggled with maintaining writing momentum since my first book took roughly 2 weeks to write and there was no outline etc in place.

It has also been a challenge to just write, as I learn more and more about how certain rules should be present in professional or well crafted storytelling.  So I feel stifled and uncertain in the storytelling process.

Has anyone else struggled with "writing correctly" V.S. "just writing"?  What tip or trick worked to help get you back to story telling?