Friday Excerpt: Killing Me Softly

Today's excerpt is Killing me Softly from Prompts, Poems & Practical Advice for Writers.

Killing Me Softly

I’m a writer, been writing since I looked at the ugly hand I was dealt in this life and all my emotions transitioned into dotted “I’s” and crossed “T’s”. It’s in my blood. Situation heavy, draining and ongoing, but I write through it, I write in spite of it…I write because of it…Still weighing me down; challenges tearing me down, but I’m a writer…pen and pad as important as food and water…life is fighting against destiny, but, “Please God, not my pen and pad.”  Don’t let them take my pen and pad…The army of opposition is approaching…I can’t go out without a fight, I take out my pen and my pad and I write…

Solutions, resolutions Godly revelations pour out like rivers drowning the paper…deep breaths with refreshed lungs…or a last breath. Oppressed by this mess pinned down by the haters…Dear God…I lost my pen and my pad…Now like lungs filling with water…a writer-a poet with no outlet…I can’t breathe…I can’t do what’s natural to me…I give up…no pen and no pad anyway…my resistance and strength give way to the obstacles and just like that…in a moment…the poet in me died…but don’t mourn for me…I’m not a victim you see I quit-so actually I committed suicide.