A Peek into the World of Asunder: The Unknowns Inhabitants

The short story Mark of the Chosen takes place in the world of Asunder.  Today I wanted to share a little bit of the background on the creatures on the Unknowns.

These are are the Inhabitants of the Unknowns

The Fallen One - Fell from the grace of the Forevers and was cast down into the Unknowns where he would become ruler.  Though he is rarely seen by lower clans, he is rumored to have the greatest stature of any warrior of the Unknowns.  His true form is that of a dragon and it alone can weaken an archangel with one glimpse.  Because of the might of his true form, The Fallen One cannot be concealed by cloaking.

The Firsts - Former angels who stood at the side of The Fallen One and left the Forevers.  They are now the first and highest ranking demons of the Unknowns. 

Seth - One of the firsts.  Always loyal to The Fallen One, functions as his first lieutenant and because of his unwavering submission is Lord over 60 legions of demons.  His true form is that of a vulture’s wings, face of a panther and the tongue of a serpent, but he can call on a casters cloak at will.

Omio - The demon of prophecy, blood bound to the Unknowns whose true form will be Seth’s mirror image, but whose power will rival that of the Fallen One.  When revealed the Triad (or Trinity of the Unknowns) will be unleashed signaling a shift in power and The Reckoning.

The Blood Bound - Demons bound to the Unknowns by decision or promise of their own or one of their ancestors to inhabit the Unknowns for all time.

The Claimed - Demons that were once human, but intentionally rejected the ways and knowledge of the Forevers and are assigned to claim more humans by the means of whatever clan they belong to.

The Lost - Also once human, but were tricked into the ways of the Unknowns.  They are not as powerful as the other inhabitants and aimlessly roam the Unknowns almost haunting it.

Pick up The Unknowns Handbook today to find out more about the world of Asunder and for a preview of Mark of the Chosen preview.