A Peek into the World of Asunder: Glossary of Characters & terms

The short story Mark of the Chosen takes place in the world of Asunder.  Today I wanted to share more on the characters and tersm specific to this world.

Glossary of Characters & Terms
 (In alphabetical order)

Allisa Freeman - Keepers vessel assigned to herald and reveal information on the existence of angels and demons.

Bahrell - High level demon.  Not as high as the Firsts, but higher than the blood bound and claimed.  He is a fierce warrior who trains and prepares newlings for the battle of the pit.

Casters - those with knowledge of all planes who have the ability to tap into the powers and abilities of other planes.  They are often called on to conceal the true forms of demons.

Clans - are groupings of demons based on their gifting and ability to excel with certain assignments.  Each clan I considered a different rank or level.  And ranks/levels exist within the actual clans.  They all specialize in ensnaring and tethering humans to the Unknowns by one means or another.

Cloak - It is a humanlike resemblance or covering provided by a caster to hide a demons true form and is mostly necessary to allow infiltration into humanity to carry out orders or assignment.

Forevers -The higher plane ruled by The Highest Power.  It is also the plan where the warriors and dwellers of the light live for eternity.

Garro - Demon Under lord of one of the destruction clans.  He was trained as a newling with Kao and Mirena.  He is a sufficient warrior but was only granted his status because his true form revealed his claiming.  Befittingly his true form reflects beasts of rage.   

Kao - A lower ranking demon of the destruction clan serving under Garro.  He is a proficient warrior who lost favor when he emerged from the pit unclaimed.  He has an unexplored infatuation with Mirena.

Keepers Vessel - sometimes referred to as the Oracle’s vessel is a human chosen to bear some revelation to maintain the balance between the Forevers and the Unknowns.

Mirena - emerged from the pit claimed as a tempter.  Her true form has heavily serpent like features.  But she has the ability to shift into whatever desire would weaken her prey the most.

Newling - A new tethered or claimed demon.

Oracles - Keepers of the history of the Unknowns, the Forevers and everything in between.  They hold no allegiance to any plane or side.

Reluctants - Humans endowed with miraculous abilities that became active with the revealing of the Omio.

Taking - A taking is an instance when an angel is lured into submission to the Unknowns

Tempter - a member of the clan of temptation who usually plays on human experiences with lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy and pride to tether or claim them

Tethering - To be tied or submitted to the Unknowns in death.

The Pit -The final test of a newling in which they apply their skills and training for survival to identify the clan by which they are claimed.

The Reckoning - The time of War between the Unknowns and the Forevers in which the inhabitants of the Unknowns will seek vengeance on the Forevers since each kingdom holds the balance of a trinity.

Triad of the Unknowns - The trinity of the unknowns that strengthens the Unknowns and positions it for a holy war.

Truest or True Form - A visible appearance that connects a demon to a particular clan or identifies a specific power or gift.

Under Lords - mid ranking demons in place to delegate the orders and basic operations of the Unknowns

Underling -The term used to indicate a dark warriors lower rank.

Unknowns -Sometimes referred to as “the depths” by its legions.  This is where the lost are trapped for eternity

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