I'm on Read-cation and I'm okay with it

Earlier in the year, I found that completing my M.B.A. , working fulltime and being a fulltime mother and wife had become very overwhelming.  Notice I didn’t list writing in my tasks and duties.  Well that’s because in the midst of everything else, writing was beating the hell out of my creativity (poor little guy), so my progress and word count was nonexistent. 

Then one day, I decided to cut myself some slack and at the same time admit that I cannot do EVERYTHING.  With my new found revelation, I decided to take a month off from trying to force myself to write and instead just read.  So I stock piled my kindle with eBooks that sounded interesting or had been suggested in my FB newsfeed, grabbed a couple of audio books and set out on my “read-laxation” journey.

Now keep in mind that my final term in school was still ongoing and everything that could go wrong in other areas of my life actually did go wrong, I still worked to steal moments here and there to escape into the new worlds on my kindle.  And even though it was my desire to read more than I had, when the month ended instead of beating myself up I decided to take on another month dedicated to reading.  And ultimately I decided to keep going until 11/09, which is the end of my school term and the completion of my degree program (YAY!).

And with this it was clear….I was gonna need more books.  So I went to 2nd and Charles and got book on writing, mysteries, and other fiction!

Below is just a taste of my reading stockpile!

Waiting on my Kindle:
Guardians: The Girl – Lola StVill
The Arelia LaRue Novels - Kira Saito
Cursed – Tara Brown
UnEnchanted – Chanda Hahn
The Soul Keepers – G.P. Ching
Wicked Fate – Tabatha Vargo
Act like a Success…- Steve Harvey
The Lake – AnnaLisa Grant
Stained – Ella James
The Celestra Series – Addison Moore
Darkness Falls - Jessica Sorenson
Beautiful Demons – Sarra Cannon
Clone Three – Patti Larsen
Dead Radiance – T.G. Ayer

I feel like a kid at Christmas!  

What are you reading?  Do you have any suggested reads?